The Boldini
Life is Movement.
In his paintings, his subjects are not simply posing but
appear to be in movement, in transition, expressing
everything that they are, everything that they were
and everything that they want to become.

Emilia Cardona (Giovanni Boldini’s wife).
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Cléo de Mérode
Black wool twill tuxedo jacket with painted white and gray sleeves, buttoned with a blue Gainsborough bow, black duchess satin pants painted in tones of white and gray.
Black organza shirt with a fringed pleated collarette and tail.
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Gladys Deacon
Large sweatshirt with the neckline and sleeves in mesh, lace and hair and detailed with lace flowers and ostrich feathers in white, cream and ivory tones.
Duchess satin pants painted in black and blue gray tones.
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Eulalie d'Espagne
Aquamarine princess silk crepe high collar shirt with a guimpe and geometric cutouts inlayed with lace and matching organza sleeves.
Amethyst twill pants.
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Lady Michelham
Taupe princess silk crepe blouse with scarf collar.
Brocade high-waisted slim pants with a painting effect in taupe and blue.
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Marthe de Florian
Tunic dress featuring one pleat and square neckline in taupe blue radzimir with a floral, arabesques and cross embroidery with sequins, pearls and metal thread in bronze and topaz tones.
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Mademoiselle de Gillespie
Long evening dress with layered ruffles and sleeves in organza painted with flowers and neckline crisscrossed with black twill ribbons.
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Marthe Régnier
Bolero with pagoda sleeves embroidered with a sunray design in pearly beads, ribbons and rose crystals (made with Swarovski crystal).
Pale pink organza shirt.
Brocade pants with a chartreuse and pink painting effect.
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Lina Cavalieri
High collar shirt-dress embroidered with raffia and crystals (made with Swarovski crystal) and a rose petal radzimir draping jabot cascading to the skirt.
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Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney
Redingote dress with a jabot skirt in blue Gainsborough crepe and brocade sleeves with green, blue and pink painting effect.
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LOOK #10
Comtesse de Rasty
Midnight blue and gold lamé jacket with a Moroccan crepe jabot detailing in lilac, and crystal (made with Swarovski crystal) lotus flowers appliquéd on the shoulders.
Moroccan lilac crepe high-waisted pants.
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LOOK #11
Anita de la Ferie
Long evening dress in shaded organza of wool and silk, with bolero-like sleeves in painted wool and silk organza.
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LOOK #12
Comtesse Béatrice de Byland
Long v-neck bustier effect dress in silver sequined georgette fabric with an ivory chiffon veil and cape-style sleeves in matching organza.
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LOOK #13
Anna-Elizabeth Hansen
Pink organza collarless shirt with large flowy sleeves.
Long brocade evening skirt with a painting effect veiled with superimposed tulle with a painted wisteria and floral look.
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LOOK #14
Alice Regnault
Long boatneck evening dress in iridescent silk veiled under almond green and pink organza, tied at the neck with a long black lamé ribbon twisted around the body.
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LOOK #15
Lady Lina Bilitis
Long draped evening dress with a black lamé hood twisted around the body.
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LOOK #16
Comtesse Zichy
Ice-blue duchess satin long v-neck draped one-shoulder dress twisted around the body with one wide sleeve and a knotted shoulder.
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LOOK #17
Emilia Cardona
Long v-neck draped dress in white duchess satin with a black velvet ribbon bow in the back twisted around the body and ruffled cuffs and drapery.
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LOOK #18
Long evening dress with kimono-style sleeves in gray Moroccan crepe, adorned with a scarf falling open onto the v-neckline and the sharp-pointed back, with large beaded crystal necklaces (made with Swarovski crystal).
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LOOK #19
Madame Georges Hugo
Long evening dress with slit in khaki crepe, asymmetrical neckline with organza, pleated tulle and matching fringing ruffles held by a long pale gold twill ribbon.
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LOOK #20
Rita Lydig
Painted organza long evening dress with slit, deep v-neck décolleté, inlayed with pale gold twill, with a sweeping back gathered and tied at the nape.
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LOOK #21
Olivia Concha de Fontecilla
Long evening dress in gray mauve Moroccan crepe with an organza Watteau folded cape effect painted in gold and silver and lined with mauve twill, with a square neckline tied with pale gold twill.
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LOOK #22
Mrs Blumenthal
Long evening dress with slit in pearly gray Moroccan crepe, crossed neckline with a small black lace cape lined in white, and peach twill straps.
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LOOK #23
Mademoiselle Lanthelme
Long dress with a rose-colored ribbed-fold skirt, bustier-style top with cutouts in coral twill and a black lace guimpe, and black lace sleeves with a black organza draping effect.
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LOOK #24
Comtesse Speranza
Long evening dress with slit in black silk velvet with giant purple iris embroidered with beads and crystals (made with Swarovski crystal).
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LOOK #25
Marquise Luisa Casati
Long evening dress with slit in black twill, deep neckline and large bow-like sleeves.
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LOOK #26
Gabrielle Réjane
Large blue taupe twill coat with bow draping in the front.
Long evening dress with slit, top in blue taupe twill and painted effect brocade skirt in camaïeu.
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LOOK #27
Miss Bell
Large red robe-style twill coat with a large flouncy collar and the back draping into a bow.
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LOOK #28