Breezy !
(Episode 2)

Be chic and relaxed with Alexis Mabille’s Fall-Winter 2014-15 collection! Bet on a contemporary vision of asymmetry with comfortable cuts and sophisticated details - for instance the square-shaped cape, like an elegant blanket wrapped around you. Its precise cutting respects your body's fluidity thanks to the braided cloth in wool and cashmere. Visit our stores to discover the different fabrics the cape comes in.

CAPE : 1552 €
DRESS : 490 €
HAT : 695 €
BAG : 375 €
Breezy !
(Episode 1)

For Fall-winter 2014-15, Alexis Mabille offers a strong-willed look to women who’re always on the move. The men shirt in white poplin is revisited with four sleeves - two are regular and two processed as a belt. The waist is tightened and the silhouette stretched out. The asymmetrical skirt, whose light tartan flies with suppleness as you walk, gives the body a sensual impulse. This warm feeling is also spread by accessories, a leather bow-bag and a felt hat.

SHIRT : 360 €
SKIRT : 410 €
HAT : 695 €
BAG : 375 €
Mabille-ize !
(Episode 2)

Working- or school-girl? Alexis Mabille plays with codes for his Fall-Winter 2014-15 Resort collection. Being seductive doesn’t necessarily mean showing skin. That college-striped look in cotton and silk twill calls to mind uniforms: one-button jacket, slim trousers, the cut is sleek. A white poplin shirt with bows on front-pockets makes you even smarter. The Mabille woman also loves accessories, an AM silk bowtie and Swarovski drops earrings and necklace.

JACKET : 1390 €
SHIRT : 385 €
TROUSERS : 430 €
BOWTIE : 162 €
NECKLACE : 535 €
EARRINGS : 190 €
Haute Couture
Fall Winter 2014-2015

You don’t want to think about winter yet? Make an exception with Paris Couture and its magic spirit. In July Alexis Mabille introduced his new Haute Couture collection for Fall-Winter 2014-2015. The French designer got inspired by a quote from writer Susan Sontag: “What is most beautiful in feminine women is something masculine.” He thus punctuated his super feminine designs with touches of masculinity. The tuxedo idea is vivid in smoking-dresses with tailor collars becoming a bustier or a cape. And the shirt, men’s master piece, turns into long sexy shirtdresses - one entirely made of lace, another in crepe opened on a lace jumpsuit. Discover the Alexis Mabille show in video by clicking on the link below !

Mabille-ize !
(Episode 1)

Subtly nuanced, Alexis Mabille’s Fall-Winter 2014/2015 resort collection plays with the designer’s favorite codes. Touches of the masculine dressing are revisited as a denim tuxedo or a tail coat, but the silhouette remains super feminine with an emphasized waist. Cuts are fluid to let the clothes sway delicately, just like this shirt-dress, proposed in light pink or midnight blue. At the neck a pompons tie catches the eye. The stitched pleats at the waist follow the women curves, and the slit sleeves suggest the Indian summer sunny freshness.

DRESS : from 695€ to 767€
Bomb Girl
(Episode 6)

Playing with menswear and womenswear codes is one of Alexis Mabille's favorite design trick. This 2014 summer, he invites women to borrow a typically masculine accessory, the bow tie, to make it their own. With its traditional setting, the Tuxedo bow (in pink here) calls to mind the legendary "Garçonne" silhouette. In embroidered tulle, the Monaco model (at the top) is set on a ribbon to be worn as a belt or in your hair, just like the Rose bow in gathered coton (at the bottom). The collection also proposes brooch versions to go with any outfit.

MONACO BOW : 160 € 80 €
TUXEDO BOW : 160 € 80 €
ROSE BOW : 175 € 87,50 €
Bomb Girl
(Episode 5)

When it's hot out, you already know which outfit will refresh your summer. With that Alexis Mabille silhouette, all is about graphic lines with movement thanks to the contrasting fabrics the designer made match. The shirt with a bow tie collar, a best-seller, comes in a very supple Liberty crepe, a multicolored print also used in the spring-summer 2014 collection for super feminine tank tops. The walk is structured by a khaki mini skirt that plays with the raffia's stiff texture - side chain details complete the straw's shiny effect. Add a bow clutch and gunmetal bracelets and you will definitely feel self-confident yet laid-back.

SHIRT : from 499 €
SKIRT : 470 €
CLUTCH : from 399 €
BRACELET : 310 €
Bomb Girl
(Episode 4)

"Mabille-ize" your every day looks with Alexis Mabille new series of accessories! For your 2014 summer, the French designer presents his Skull theme, based on a delicate and playful interpretation of the well known skull style. Made of howlite, a warm stone available in turquoise blue or sweet pink tones, those mini-skulls wear Alexis Mabille's fetish: a bowtie! Their friendly figures are associated to fine metallic chains for bracelets and short or long necklaces. Earrings simply float on each side of your face, as charming little ghosts. And to show a bit of rock'n'roll attitude, you may choose a ring with a bigger skull, worked in a more aggressive and massive way to catch the eye.

EARRINGS : 118 €
NECKLACE : 205 €
BRACELET : 199 €
RING : 120 €
Bomb Girl
(Episode 3)

Don't you think mixing graphic lines with fluidity may make a silhouette perfect? That's what Alexis Mabille tends to prove with that look, a focus on how precise cuts and the woman high-energy body share their movement. Worn with a certain nonchalance, a square top is paired with a flounced skirt, combining geometry with frivolity. The top, made of a soft cotton knit, shines thanks to its lacquered finish. Whereas the skirt shows a sexy wrapped effect. The midnight blue Casimir version offers a subtle contrast between the fabric stiff texture and the flounces, flowing by nature. The skirt is also proposed in black, blue or yellow crepe to fit Alexis Mabille Spring-Summer 2014 color scheme.

TOP : 375 €
SKIRT (in Casimir) : 615 €
SKIRT (in crepe) : 395 €
Bomb Girl
(Episode 2)

Let's invite the sun in our wardrobes with Alexis Mabille Spring-Summer 2014 accessories collection. This season, the designer explored a "Soleil" theme with a metallic plate representing the sun, surrounded with harmonious circles. That very strong motif tightens your waist as the buckle of a large leather belt, proposed in black or brown. As a bangle, it marries your arm's shape and leads the eyes to your pin-up-style manicure. The Alexis Mabille Sun theme may also dress your neck, unveiled by sensuous clothes that reveal some skin. With those necklaces, bangles and belts, it has never seemed so easy to give a graphic or shiny twist to your naturally self-confident silhouette !

NECKLACE : 378 €
BANGLE : 310 €
BELT : 491 €
Bomb Girl
(Episode 1)

Do you feel rather like a tomboy or rather like a pin-up? Alexis Mabille mixes the women's virile side with their natural sensuality in his Spring-Summer 2014 collection, a nod to the 20th century icon Rosie the Riveter. So why don't you reveal the Rosie in you with that super sexy silhouette! Glamorous but worn with a certain nonchalance, the rodeo shirt in midnight blue crepe is perfected by white lace appliqués and Swarovski crystals (available without crystals). Widely unbuttoned, it suggests your strong femininity, while your high-energy is limitless with those blue faille piped pants. A leather belt also underlines the waist and makes the line graphic yet full of movement.

RODEO SHIRT (with Swarovski) : 2270 €
PANTS : 460 €
Bomb Girl

Do you know who Rosie the Riveter is? For this Spring-Summer 2014 collection, the World War II popular icon is re-imagined by Alexis Mabille as a Vargas pin-up. With the self-assurance of today's girl, become a contemporary Rosie wearing a super glamorous wardrobe, but with a certain nonchalance, like a guy. To flatter your silhouette, the French designer worked on precision of lines through cut and cut-outs, graphic yet full of movement. High-energy, independent, you do what you want, when you want and with whom you want. With Alexis Mabille new collection, simply be a bomb and adopt Rosie's motto: « We can do it ! »

Gaucho Vibes
(episode #2)

Feel the South appeal with Alexis Mabille Spring 2014 Resort collection! The designer heads towards Argentina with a silhouette inspired by the renowned gauchos. Proud and independent, the woman he imagined these summer likes to play with masculine and feminine attributes to create her own chic yet sporty look. She wears jeans, but in a soft coral color, to live her urban lifestyle with a free spirit. Her trench coat, a must-have in every wardrobe, comes with a large flounce that brings a sensual movement while she walks the streets. The waist is belted, and as usual, the accessories remind the Mabille iconic bow: a bowtie in the hairs, a bow clutch…

TRENCH : 1875 €
JEANS : 399 €
Gaucho Vibes
(episode #1)

Laid-back yet chic, the Alexis Mabille woman travels from Portugal to Argentina this spring 2014. The designer heads towards the south for this Resort collection, getting his inspiration in the spirit of South-American gauchos. That free woman adopts a sporty and dynamic silhouette with a refined and sexy twist. Thus her shirt, in a blue tones squared pattern cotton, has slitted sleeves to unveil a bit of skin. Her high-waisted pants, belted with leather, highlight her feminine shapes, while the wide legs slit from the knees suggest her sensuality. A look she likes to wear with many jewels and a bow-tie in her hairs.

SHIRT : 445 €
PANTS : 470 €
A Grand Tour

On January 20th, Alexis Mabille unveiled his Haute Couture collection for Spring/Summer 2014. With this show, he invites you on a Grand Tour - inspired by initiatory journeys in the XVIIIth century. Alexis Mabille thus looks to Greco-Roman statuary. He morphs today's woman into a vestal goddess, a sculptural creature invoked in vibrations of white, pastel and powder. Her divine silhouette is revealed by transparency and graphic cuts, then rendered sublime with architectural flou - as delicate as a butterfly.

Night butterfly
(episode #8)

Cold weather discourages you from going out ? Warm up your winter with Alexis Mabille Fall-Winter 2013/2014 collection. The French designer chose Merino wool for this flamboyant red knitted dress. You feel comfortable yet sexy thanks to its body-hugging cut. Your shapes look their best and your femininity is edged by a black belt cinching the waist. Placed all over the dress, the black stones make of you a urban jewel appealing desire.
Moreover, until February 11th, Alexis Mabille invites you to its Winter Sales. Enjoy a 50% discount on Ready-to-wear and accessories in our Parisian stores (11 rue de Grenelle - Paris 7, or 34 Galerie Vivienne - 75002), or on our e-shop : http://eshop.alexismabille.com/

DRESS : 1055 € 527,50 €
SCARF : 385 € 192,50 €
CLUTCH : 365 € 182,50 €
Night butterfly
(episode #7)

For New Year's Eve and every party all along the year, let's adopt the Alexis Mabille iconic bow. A few years ago, when the bowtie was still old-fashioned, the Parisian designer revisited that men's closet traditional item with new materials and a more daring eye. The bow thus came back on the front of the fashion stage, becoming Alexis Mabille trademark. This winter, he wanted it uninhibited, like the characters of The Hunger, movie that inspired his collection. Sparkle in the night wearing a bowtie embroidered with gold sequins, while the bow-bag dresses itself with a fierce tiger motif. Silver bow bracelet and earrings make femininity shine, whereas men show their natural elegance with a black silk bowtie.

From the top :

Night butterfly
(episode #6)

You still look for the perfect dress for Christmas or New year's eve ? Alexis Mabille designed a little black dress for women who like to feel as sexy as elegant. This winter, he worked on graphic lines but in a more carnal way than usual : the black jersey is body-hugging, with cut-outs to sensually underscore your curves. One of those festive nights, you will shine with mystery thanks to a plunging neckline veiled with a feather motif beaded lace ; and you'll get whatever you desire with this ribbon tie which makes of you a mischievous gift ready to be unwrapped !

DRESS : 1330 €
BAG : 845 €
Night butterfly
(episode #5)

Enigmatic and singular, the Alexis Mabille woman knows how to keep her mystery wearing that black wool coat. This Fall-winter 2013-2014, the designer worked on volumes with a more rigorous approach : the Mongolian fur appliqués on shoulders and sleeves express the strength women need to deal with modern life, while the cut and cut-outs show a more sensual facet, especially when the coat is cinched at the waist by a midnight blue belt. Worn with multicolored leopard velvet brocade trousers, it makes you sure of yourself like never before !

TOTE-BAG : 1960 €
CLUTCH : 530 €
Night butterfly
(episode #4)

For 2013-2014 winter, Alexis Mabille wants every woman to feel like a predator. Like The Hunger movie heroines, who inspired the Parisian designer, get whatever you desire, where and when you desire it. Thereby nothing will stop you with those accessories ! As dark and sexy as gentle and supple, let's choose black lambskin for a bow tote bag or a clutch studded with gunmetal or gold metal details. A more daring vibe ? The iconic Alexis Mabille bow-bag comes in faux hairy lamb with a knotted center in leather and a metallic chain shoulder strap.

TOTE-BAG : 840 €
CLUTCH : 365 €
BOW-BAG : 580 €
Night butterfly
(episode #3)

As winter is slowly but surely coming, the Alexis Mabille Fall-Winter 2013-2014 collection offers women a singular yet contemporary silhouette, mixing feminine and masculine, seduction and casualness, movement and rigorous cuts. An elegant white poplin shirt plays with its jeweled collar and the volume of its pleated sleeves, while classic grey flannel trousers are spiced up by a drawstring waist with a yellow belt and appliquéd pockets. That confident look gets a bit sporty thanks to an asymmetrical little zippered jacket in gray wool with removable sleeves, whose leopard trim gives a fierce touch.

JACKET : 1755 €
SHIRT : 420 €
PANTS : 610 €
Night butterfly
(episode #2)

Join the Alexis Mabille fashion tribe with his fall-winter 2013-2014 jewelry collection. Those pieces especially designed to make contemporary women reveal their different facets will warm up your autumn! A round-shaped ring enameled with carmine red epoxy gives power to its wearer, whereas a long necklace made of blue and yellow acetate beads and leather strings may soften a more rigorous silhouette. Around the wrist, a red, brown and ochre bracelet, in acetate and leather too, inspires passion to an ageless woman. And to fit the Alexis Mabille show style, wear it by two or three for an ethnic yet chic spirit.

RING : 120 €
BRACELET : 175 €
NECKLACE : 205 €
Night butterfly
(episode #1)

Reveal the sleeping amazon in you with Alexis Mabille Fall-Winter 2013-2014 collection, inspired by The Hunger movie characters. Like Lady Miriam, get whatever you desire, or show yourself more vulnerable yet self-confident and daring like Sarah. Express your extreme femininity with that square-dress with drawstring waist. The geometric shape is softened by the crêpe, while the mineral colors earth and ebony get refined and dynamic with jet beads and knit pompoms. A perfect urban and sexy look, to match with a chain necklace and bracelets.

DRESS : 1285 €
JEWELS : FROM 165 TO 420 €
PURSE : 325 €
The Boldini Collection

For his Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2013-2014 collection,
Alexis Mabille was inspired by Giovanni Boldini's work.
Known for his flowing style, the Italian portraitist completed
paintings of the 19th and early 20th centuries' European high
society members. His spirit is reinterpreted by the French
designer with ensembles and dresses that celebrate
movement. Hand-painted silk, pleated organza ruffles, draped
Moroccan crepe, embroidered pieces and giant bows embody
a woman who knows how to mix luxury needlework and
contemporary elegance.

Night butterfly

Sharpen your fierce eye with that preview of Alexis Mabille
Fall-Winter 2013-2014 ready-to-wear collection. Inspired by
The Hunger movie heroines, impersonated by Catherine Deneuve
and Susan Sarandon, the designer focuses on silhouettes that
make the woman body look its best without straitening it.
Urban and sexy, still sure of herself, the Alexis Mabille
woman makes a dress from a men jacket, colors the leopard
pattern, uses graphic lines to underline her curves, and
plays with the clothes'movement to show herself absolutely

Macadam summer
(episode #4)

Dare to wear a masculine/feminine
silhouette, for a urban yet laid-back
summer. In a collection that’s faithful
to his roots, back when all his collections
were unisex, Alexis Mabille mixes up the
codes of men’s and women’s wardrobes.
A slightly oversized cotton piqué shirt
takes on the attributes of a suit jacket,
while straight pants come in typically
girly gingham! A perforated metal belt
marks the waist, and large gypsy
earrings complete a fresh, elegant look.

PANTS: 390 €
BELT: 665 €
Macadam summer
(episode #3)

Show your knack for mixing styles with
Alexis Mabille summer collection.
Enjoy the wild rhythm of the city wearing
that black vinyl Perfecto with topstitched
inlay. Twist that tomboy must-have with a
charming pink crêpe dress flounced with
lace and covered in black and white
embroidered organdi flowers. The plunging
neckline plays with lace ribbons in a graphic
motif and makes you subtly sexy to wander
through Paris streets.

DRESS: 2675 €
Macadam summer
(episode #2)

Shiny and supple, black leather follows
Alexis Mabille woman in her chic and
laid-back summer. The bow tote bag
features the designer's signature in a
rock spirit. To work, go out at night
or travel, the big scarf-bag plays with
the material folding - a light gipsy
style with its tassels and silver chain.
And those who live life to the hilt
wear the scarf-tote to the shoulder
for their energetic days.

FROM 650 TO 1340 €
Macadam summer
(episode #1)

In the spring and early summer in the city, adopt
the Alexis Mabille signature feminine/masculine look
with that fresh and urban shirtdress. Its slightly
corolla cut flatters the silhouette; the waist
underscored with a belt. The bust is highlighted by
contrasting collar and circular cutout. Be spontaneous
and laid-back in black and white cotton piqué, chose
pink for a girly spirit or opt for a more sophisticated
version with satin shoulders.

FROM 515 €