Paris, February 26, 2014.

Alexis, what should we expect from you for winter 2014-2015?
A woman who’s always on the move! A gust of wind, a breeze wafts over each silhouette to create suppleness and asymmetry. This season, I decided to do away with graphics – I’m keeping the cut precise but more fluid to give the body movement.

The woman you dress is…
Always on the move – like most women today! What makes her distinctive: A naturally sophisticated but casual attitude. She’s chic with an air of mischief about her, and she mixes together cultures and influences for a very personal look.

Speaking of which, what are her codes?
The strongest one is the “sportswear” smoking. It breaks with the usual routine because it works anytime, day or night. A tracksuit in satin crêpe is super comfortable, a shirt in lumberjack plaid is paired with a long taffeta skirt, sleeves encircle the waist while a plastron flutters like a scarf, swatches of sequins slip onto a wool cardigan, and openwork sweaters are covered with embroidered tulle, etc. More than ever, it’s all about relaxed chic.

She also plays with the notion of un/dressing…
Yes, the body is covered and yet uncovered. I prefer hinting at sensuality through details that reveal a little skin, like a scarf dresses that swathes the body, or a silk shirt with handkerchief hems that sway as she walks…

And yet this look is immediately recognizable.
Always – with my signature bowtie worn nonchalantly, for example sported undone on a sweatshirt. I also like a marked waist, with high-waisted pants and skirts that are often belted and show off the legs. And, as ever, I love a masculine/feminine look: this time, the story centers on the shirt, revisited with multiple sleeves, as a dress or as sleeve-belts.

Is fashion your woman’s preferred sport?
Of course – I love the idea of a forthright, independent woman who follows her own path regardless of the trends, who builds her own wardrobe and remains true to herself.