Bomb Girl
Paris, September 25, 2013.

Alexis, what’s your vision for summer 2014 ?
This collection is a nod to Rosie the Riveter, re-imagined as a Vergas pin-up. She exudes sensuality, but there’s something virile about her.

Your heroine remains very sexy...
Yes, she’s a bomb! There’s a strong femininity about her, even though she’s a tomboy. Naturally, she picks up elements from men’s wear and gives them a frivolous little twist. She’s high-energy, independent and only does what she wants, when she wants and with whom she wants. She has the self-assurance of today’s girl.

How do you translate this temperament through your fashions ?
I really worked on precision of line through cut and cut-outs, which are graphic but also full of movement. It’s summer, it’s hot out and what she wears reveals her body.

Please describe how your collection combines the notions of ‘casual’ and ‘refined’.
This girl wears a super glamorous wardrobe, but with a certain nonchalance, like a guy. She throws a crystal-studded tank over a flounced skirt or under a jacket, or opts for a man’s shirt or overalls. She cuffs her pants or transforms an oversized tank into a dress. There’s contrast, just as there is with the fabrics and colors: cottons and camouflage colors are softened by crêpe and Liberty prints in shades of nude, indigo and mustard. Ottoman has been washed to make it supple; silicone turns a trench into real snakeskin, etc.

What would your pin-up’s motto be?
The same as Rosie’s: "We can do it!"